Pedaldeck Boards are available in three sizes, but remember Pedaldeck boards can be joined together to create wider platforms when required. All our boards feature mounting space on the underside of the frame for power supplies and each includes one universal bracket and fitting set, 2 metres of Hook and Loop Velcro, and four rubber feet with locking nut and bolt sets                       

Pedal Boards

Highest quality construction with a range of design features confirming why these British made boards are the guitarist choice in the UK. Available in three sizes; Artist, Player and Solo boards to meet every ‘pedal heads’ needs.


Now available in two custom sizes, these new bags are the highest quality pedalboard bag available that is British designed and manufactured and now include the option to further strengthen their already tough exteriors with custom 100% recycled polyester/polethylene panel inserts, that raise performance specifications to tour case protection levels (See video)

Pedal Board and TUFFBAG Bundles

 Save £10 off our new TOUGH GIG TRAVEL BAG when bundled with your choice of Artis, Player or Solo pedal boards

Pedaldeck Accessories

What about those little extras that make building your pedalboard a joy rather than a chore? 2m of hook and loop adhesive tape are included free with your board purchase, buy you may choose to upgrade to 3M Original Dual Lock Tape for a super secure fixing or may be use a combination of Hook Tape and Dual Lock for a secure but flexible set up. We provide a universal fixing bracket with your board purchase, but you may want more than one accessory mounted on the underside of your Pedaldeck, so add a second bracket set,when needed. Plus, if our Tough Gig Travel Bag is just not tough enough for you, why not add reinforcement inserts to get close to tour case protection when you are out on the road?


Pedaldeck Pedal Boards

Our Pedal boards are designed and made in the UK. Manufactured from a single piece of high-grade aluminium, each board is precision engineered to be the perfect platform for your pedals. We’ve also pre-drilled all the holes and slots, ready for a wide range of power supply options to be fitted securely with our included universal bracket fitting kit. Our unique blade folded design creates a strong lightweight board and provides the perfect channels on the underside to run patch and DC power cables clipped neatly in place. We include 2 metres of Hook and loop self-adhesive tape with every board and also the option to add 3M Interlocking tape if you prefer.


Plus, now we have added a new range of UK designed and manufactured TOUGH GIG TRAVEL BAGS too!

At Pedaldeck we are always listening to your feedback, and we’re also always thinking. Always looking for the next development, to make what we do even better, so we are thrilled to unveil our new range of British designed and manufactured Tough Gig Travel Bags. The clue is in the name. These ‘Tough Gig’ bags have protection where it counts, to keep your pedals and boards safe when you are out and about gigging. Hard wearing, elegant, and a huge step up in materials specification, practicality and quality over our previously imported pro gig bags. Great value too, with a retail price point currently 30% lower than the nearest equivalent dedicated pedalboard soft bag. Plus, with our optional upgrade to include rigid high impact inserts into our smart pouch design that gives access to the bag linings, the TOUGH GIG TRAVEL BAG bag just gets even tougher to become our TOUGH GIG TOUR BAG. These new bags are available in two sizes. Our larger standard size fit our Artist boards, and a new smaller format which provides a snug fit the Player or Solo board options. Both sizes are equipped with an additional front pouch, for storage of all those little bits and bobs we guitarists need to carry, but we want kept away from our precious pedals. Serious about your tone? Get tough over protecting it.


We’ve worked hard since 2014 to design and manufacture competitively priced pedal board and case range, right here in the UK.

A British made quality product bursting with new features for convenience, protection and value.
A little piece of 'Cool Britannia', we hope you love Pedaldeck Guitar Effects boards and bags as much as we do.

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