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PedalDeck is the first volume-manufactured pedal board to be made in the UK that is competitive on price, whilst delivering superior material quality and features above the imported branded boards.

Unlike USA importers we don’t need huge commitments from a small number of UK retailers, to Chinese imports on long delivery times to make our numbers work!

We are keen to make Pedaldeck products the people’s choice and available to as many UK guitarists as possible through a larger network of specialist retailers supported by our authorised distribution partner ASA Network.

If you want to stock and sell Pedaldeck products, online and in-store please contact us using the form here.

Distributors for PedalDeck Boards and Accessories in the UK and Europe please contact;

ASA Network Limited

Ashbourne House. 334 Wellington Rd North, Stockport, Cheshire SK4 5DA

Telephone 0161 282 8000


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