When our Universal may not be quite universal!

Thanks to all users who continue to give us honest feed back about our boards and accessories. But one thing is becoming apparent. There are now so many different Power Supply units on the market, we are going to have to rename our Universal Bracket product to something else. “Pedaldeck Custom Power Supply Bracket” maybe not very original but we don’t want to mislead anyone!

To be fair when we designed it we looked at a wide selection of products and we also wrote to all manufactures asking for cooperation to send us a blank case, which we would have returned, to test against our bracket design. Some products we were able to check against physical samples and others we took measurements off their web sites. not always scientific but adequate to establish whether the physical dimension of the power block case would fit in the channel capacity which is consistent on all of our boards. The attached image should now show this very clearly.

However what we could never accommodate is the myriad of different positions different power supply makers decide on to place their euro plug power inlet. Sometimes on the rear of the case and sometimes on the end of the case!

We are looking at different bracket designs to try and widen our compatibility, but ultimately we must ask customers who are intending to install a power supply and want to use our FREE bracket, as opposed to our Dual Lock tape, to check the dimensions in this post carefully before making your purchase.

The engineering drawing sections below show the key measurements you should consider when calculating the fit for your choice of PS.

If it’s wider than 95 mm or taller than 55 mm then its not going to fit in the channel. (Sorry Cioks owners, that means you! 1SPOT CS12 owners please use dual lock, as it will fit in the channel but not in the bracket!)

The length of your PS is only restricted to the width of board so unless someone creates one longer that the Voodoo Labs Mondo which fits with acres of room, then you should be ok.

Our bracket installs by tightening bolts into a slotted hole. Each slot is 9mm wide so usually ample adjustment available to line up sag switches and power inlets to one of the inlet holes cut into the rear of our boards.

But here is the key challenge if your make of PS has a Euro plug outlet way out to one edge like the 1SPOT CS12 you may struggle to align and have to revert to a dual lock tape solution.

Hopefully our guidelines and drawings below will help you make an informed decision about which of our boards is right for you, right for your set up and right for your power supply assuming you already have one.


Steve Willock

Pedaldeck UK