Artist 3 Pedal Board Changes for 2019

The Pedaldeck Artist is dead. long live the Pedaldeck Artist (version 3 at least!) Since its first launch in 2014 the Pedaldeck range of guitar effects pedalboards have continued to grow in popularity with both professional and amateur guitarist across the UK around the world.

We are really appreciative of the support given by Andertons Music, (check out their channel here on Youtube and a great video by Dan at the Gig Rig building out Captain Lee’s Player board. )

Lee and the team have got behind our British made boards and we are growing volume together all the time.

More users of our boards, means more feed back, and the fact that we are in Manchester not Mongolia means we are able to respond quicker to wish lists presented by them.

So roll up the Pedaldeck Artist 3. We officially shipped our last Artist 2 board this week and all future sales of our largest board will now be the new version. Changes are subtle, and don’t effect the size of the pedal estate area or any of the connectivity or cable management space we are famous for.

However, the capacity in the bracket has increased from 49mm to 54mm meaning it can fit some of the fatter PSU’s and we have also made it easier to install, replacing allen key nuts with cross head screws with clinch nuts in the bracket arms.

A Larger and sturdier locking wing nut on the clamps keeps your PSU firmly in place, and we’ve riveted a more durable branded Pedaldeck laser cut stainless steel logo plate, that will remind everyone you bought British and will stay strong no matter how road worn your pedal board becomes.

Thank you for considering our British designed and made boards.

Pedaldeck UK