Pedaldeck Power Supply Bracket


The Pedaldeck Universal Bracket

We looked long and hard at the ever-expanding guitar effects power supply options in the market today. From top of the range isolated supply models including; VoodoLab PedalPower, Strymon (shown for illustration purposes in our gallery) and Hotstone Deluxe often retailing over £200 down to low cost models widely available on ebay and amazon from as little as £20; and we agreed on one thing. Whichever power supply you chose, you will want to mount it on the underside of your pedalboard and not take up valuable up-top space where you really want to max your pedal space.

NOTE: Buy any Pedaldeck Pedal Board or Board with case option and you will get one Bracket included in your bundle. So you will only need to add another to your basket if you need to fit more than one Power supply under each board. Are you power mad or what?

The Pedaldeck range of pedal boards are unique in that they are formed from a single sheet of strong aluminium and precision cut and folded to make their unique blade construction design. The design accommodates pre punched slots to enable the easy installation of a power supply bracket, without any drilling or damage to your pedalboard.

So at Pedaldeck we designed the prefect bracket to compliment our board and provide a simple 4 bolt and 2 adjustable wing nut mechanism for installing almost any power supply to your pedaldeck board.

Your Pedaldeck board is pre formed with adjustable slotted holes. Simply clamp the adjustable bracket to your power supply, locate the best power outlet hole on your Solo, Player or Artist board and align it with the slotted holes on the blade design. The nuts are welded into position on your bracket so there is no fiddling around trying to get the bolt to fit. Simply lock in into position using the 4 bolts and the Allen key provided in your bracket kit

ADD TO BASKET £15.00 inclusive of VAT and FREE SHIPPING