Musicians are a resilient lot!

Whilst I sit here surrounded by the means to make great music. Thousands of self employed musicians have had their livelihoods cruelly denied by a rampaging virus which originated in China and now has the whole world in turmoil in just a few months. The self employed in all walks of life are going to find life very tough in the coming months, but for musicians playing the bars, pubs, clubs and event venues their entire means of earning an income is now denied and no one knows for how long.

Yet this same group of people, most now earning nothing, have taken to the online channels to share their undoubted talents for free. To spread a little cheer and respite from the horrific realities of the day, and we at Pedaldeck UK salute you and thank you on behalf of a nation staved of live music for the foreseeable future. Example:

Thank you and keep on rocking in the free world, for all our sakes.

We cannot do much to fix the problem but we are still open with business as usual through our online store and the websites of our retail partners. Who knows with all that extra time on our hands it might be an opportunity to finally get around to building that dream pedalboard loaded with British Made pedals to go on your British made board.

Steve Pedaldeck UK