How to fit the Universal Power Supply Bracket supplied with your Pedaldeck Pedal Board

We have been shipping the new style Universal Power Supply Bracket for some time now and a number of people have asked for help with installation. I suppose that when you have designed something from the ground up it all seems pretty obvious to yourself, but I have to confess the abject look of confusion that fell across my wife’s face when I handed her the plastic bag of bits and said. “put that together fro me please?” was enough to convince me that we have fallen short on our mission to make Pedaldeck the only choice of Pedal board worth considering because of its unique features.

The ease of which customer can fit almost any power supply into the space on the underside of the Pedaldeck design, is a major feature of our range. (Take note Pedaltrain lovers this is also the case for our small Pedaldeck SOLO board – and the same cant be said for the competing Pedaltrain Nano product or its many copy cats!)

So here is the solution. I didn’t spend an enormous amount of time, sweat tears and money, designing a product that could be made competitively here in the UK, so it didn’t have to be shipped from China, with all the incumbent eco negative carbon footprint and transit times to then fill our carton with Paper instruction manuals.

Video is the future of all things that need explaining and god bless YouTube for making it so east to share.

So if you need help fitting a power using the quite ingenious Universal Bracket from Pedaldeck…. please watch this?

Steve W
Pedaldeck UK